Gift for the festival

foto: Honza walda Valík

Participate in the creation of a GIFT FOR THE FESTIVAL - leave a message for the Boskovice Festival. It can be a wish for the anniversary, your memory, just something personal, unique, which is connected to the festival and its past, present and future. Because : Sound is movement, movement is image, images create the action, but the festival is created by the PEOPLE, that is you, who come here.

And how do you get involved in creating your gift? There will be various writing instruments and papers of about 15 x 15 cm in the Manor House, which you can describe or somehow further modify the whole paper. The finished message will then be stapled onto a prepared wire structure - the sheets of messages will be layered on top of each other to create a spatial object - a flower.

The festival is a celebration and deserves a flower...