Masaryk a Svatá země

Židovský obecní dům

The exhibition recalls the merits of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and his son Jan Masaryk at the birth of the State of Israel. It maps the path of the first President of Czechoslovakia to the territory of present-day Israel, the Palestinian mandate of that time.

In addition to a memorable visit to TGM, the exhibition also focuses on milestones of historic milestones in mutual relations, namely the establishment of the State of Israel, in which Jan Masaryk and Czechoslovak diplomacy played an irreplaceable and crucial role in the international arena.

The exhibition was designed by Robert Řehák and is organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Czech Republic. It will be launched with the participation of Ambassador HM Daniel Meron.

Muzeum regionu Boskovicka – Židovský obecní dům