Waxwing Theatre: Rok prasete

puppet tragicomedy
For kids / Farská zahrada / 10.7. /

A grunt. A squeal. A gunshot in the night. The accusations fly. Thus begins a year-long scandal in the kingdom of Prasečov involving two thieves, a nun, and one very [censored] royal pig. Rok Prasete (Year of the Pig) is an original tragicomedy for adults and family audiences (age 10+) featuring puppets, live music, and a tongue-in-cheek parable about greed, conspiracy, and the slippery slope between dumb luck and total catastrophe.

Concept: Zuzana Smolová and Peter Gaffney
Puppets & scenography: Peter Gaffne
Performers: Zuzana Smolová and Peter Gaffney
Support and premiere: Sladovna (Písek), 
8 February, 2020
For adults and children ages 10+, 
55 min 

In Czech language only.