alternative/lo-fi noise doom
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The current alter-ego Unkilled Worker hides behind the code name UKWLT (Unkilled Worker Lowland Tundra) and is a testament to a lonely and stubborn quest for the most raw sound. UKWLT is the basic unit, the big bang, the prime mover in this respect: music gnawed down to the very core, down to the hardest bone. The industrial insistence of Godflesh crashes against the six-string swell of primeval riffs - and you won't mistake the result. For whether he's been torturing his guitar in the iconic Wollongong or, more recently, Nesbitt's Inequality (where he pulled alternative stalwarts OTK to the dark side of the force in an exceptional collaboration), his signature is clear: he's not inviting you anywhere. Whether you join is up to you.