The Turtev Brothers

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Echoes of the BluesAlive Festival

The Turtev Brothers project came about when multi-instrumentalist Erik Turtev (jew harp, whistles, bagpipes) discovered that the only bluesman who played the jew harp was legendary harmonica player Sonny Terry. The trio played at small festivals around Bratislava and Dunajská Streda songs - old bluesmen's traditions, in which jew harp is strongly present. Vocals and guitar are handled by Juraj Dura Turtev and percussion and sound samples are handled by drummer Roman Turtev. Erik Turtev and Dura Turtev have been performing together at various events whether poetry or other multi-genre gatherings since about 2015. Together they have performed at the drum festival in Kecskemét, Hungary, and at the festival of proud and aliquot chants in Šamorín. They played rural folk-blues most often in the Šamorín club Šup-Šup. The group advanced to the Blues Aperitif 2021 competition, which took place on 11.9.2021 in Šumperk, Czech Republic.