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Tokka (Sabina Broda – voc. & Sławomir Warsiński – piano) – an avant-pop duo from Cieszyn. Their music is based on jazz, pop and soul. 

All their lives are connected with music.

Sabina Broda graduated at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz. She also has another music project – sskjegg. There she creates electro music. She released two albums - ,,niewielkość” in 2017 and ,,(m)ała” in 2020. She is a vocal coach in her own school – Akademia Dźwięku w Cieszynie.

Sławomir Warsiński works on his talent on Janaćkova konzervator v Ostravie in drums class. He is a session musician, arranger and multiinstrumentalist. He plays in many bands and projects.


As part of the Fokus Polsko festival project supported by the Czech-Polish Forum of the MFA of the Czech Republic 
and Polish Institute in Prague.