Kittchen & Aid Kit

Letní kino

The Czech musician Kittchen debuted in 2011 with the album MENU, based on a combination of industrial kitchen sounds and alternative folk. He has kept his identity hidden and performs exclusively in a kitchen mask. He completes his dark vision of a post-apocalyptic world with projections, video clips and comics. Kittchen hit the stages and engaged the drummer Tomáš Neuwerth.  Even though his second album RADIO was made pretty much as a DIY effort, it received nominations for all three of the most important Czech music awards and won the prestigious award Anděl for the best alternative album. Kittchen’s third album Kontakt is distinctive with more traditional forms of expression – guitar, bass, drums.

Ondřej Mikula aka Aid Kid made a big critical splash in 2015 with his self-released debut under the name Aid Kid. The eponymous LP features cool electronica that moves smoothly between driving beats and the chill-out zone and places the young artist firmly in the ones to watch bracket.