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Punk legend, the band Do řady! was founded in 1987 on the ruins and legacy of the fighting traditions of punk-rock predecessors V3S, active in 1983-87. Already in 1988 Do řady! performed at a major festival in Jarocin, Poland, after 1990 they were finally able to start appearing on a number of punk samplers, such as the selections Rebelie punkʼnʼoi and Akce Punk, which were followed by their debut album Join the Army?! (1991). In the mid-nineties the band fell into frequent personnel changes and temporary break-ups, returning to stable activity in 2011, when the original duo - guitarist Vladimír Volman and V3S singer Petr Rajtora - reunited. In 2014, the last studio album Myslim to upřímně was released, and the band is still steadily visiting Czech clubs and festivals.