Bumbrle & Slezské předměstí

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Bumbrle is Tomas Pácalt. He plays guitar, sings and creates songs. He is a boy from Prague, Hradec Kralove and Kardašova Řečice. He was and is in the bands La Prosperité, Martin Tvrdý trio, Bezbolestná and TGP. This tireless worker and gunslinger studied literature, plays football very well and makes his living as a guitar technician. Bumbrle was the name of his maternal grandfather. His grandmother Bumbrle is the last bearer of that name. Bumbrle also means "little glutton", which also makes sense.  
Slezské Předměstí is a band of sympathetic musicians originally from Hradec Králové - Slezské Předměstí. It is a friendship of Jan Kaspar, Jakub Jedlinski, Tomáš Eib and Tomáš Pácalt. The band came together to record live the third album by Bumbrle - Songs from Bumbrle, released by Polí5. 
The songs are entertejnment on old themes about life, love and death. It's blues, it's country, it's a kind of songwriting. Bumbrle reflects on the most important things in life on the record: it's full of tenderness, sadness, sage, and ball, and should definitely be played on all country radio and all other radio