Akolektiv Helmut: S čaganem lamag nohy 


The ensemble Akolektiv Helmut is a discovery of the amateur theater scene of 2020 and has won several awards at shows across the Czech Republic.
"Thisdocumentary-theatrical performance was prepared by Akolektiv Helmut as part of field research in the Beskydy mountains. In the middle of the wild, partisans, bandits, hunters, bears and tourists wake up to meet across time and space as the comet passes by.“

Story, screenplay and direction: Akolektiv
Dramaturgy: Acolektiv
Costumes: Acolektiv
Music: Adam Kratochvíl
Puppet design: Jiří Helcel, Oskar Helcel
Technician: Robin Plitz
Cast: Eliška Raiterová, Adam Kratochvíl, Tomáš Blatný, Oskar Helcel, Hynek Tajovský

In Czech languaged only.