Adam Kašpar

paintings, objects, drawings and finds
Exhibition / Muzeum regionu Boskovicka

Adam Kašpar, one of our most outstanding painters, is a graduate of Professor Martin Mainer's Studio of Painting IV at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2018). 
The starting point of Kašpar's work is nature and its exploration, or rather, almost scientific discovery. He turns to its history, examining the traces left by both natural processes and human activity. He produces entire maps of the territory, "archaeological" and "botanical" findings, a multitude of records, sketches and photographic notes. From this comes a painting that summarises and interprets the whole process of "research". As Barbora Kundračíková wrote, his paintings "are a living message about our transience, our roots and the phenomenon that so often overwhelms us and that we so often overlook: our smallness in relation to the majesty of nature."
Adam Kašpar has devoted several works to the research of the Moravian Karst and specifically the Boskovice Furrow, the main geomorphological unit in the centre of which lies the town of Boskovice. For the exhibition during the festival he will further develop this theme

The Arcade, Muzeum regionu Boskovicka, 7 July–21 August 2022